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Relevance of Branding during the Pandemic

October 26, 2022

With the pandemic fast becoming the new normal, and customer behaviors changing, businesses are looking within on how they can better align with their audience. Many businesses are having to make significant changes to survive.  

Studies have shown that re-branding during an economic downturn is better for long-term brand value than during economic growth. In the current situation, brands have more opportunities to gain a larger share of voice over competitors.

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We can see that customer needs are not what they were a few years ago. Customers are now reconsidering what is important to them and are re-prioritizing their spending. They are more likely to buy products or services from brands that align with their values and have an inspiring story. Not only that they are also paying attention to how brands are handling the current crisis.

Assessing the situation

A focus on long-term solutions rather than a quick fix will build the foundation for further growth and success in the future. Whether it is a repositioning or a complete rebrand overhaul its important for brands to become adaptable and remain relevant during constant change.

Important questions to consider

  • Is our current positioning in the market still relevant today?
  • What challenges are our customers facing and how can we be addressing this?
  • What unique value do we offer?
  • How are we standing out from our competitors?  
  • Has our business model changed as a response to the pandemic?
  • How has our company culture changed during the pandemic?

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Focus on your core capabilities and what unique value your business brings to the table. Defining a niche gives your business the ability to specialize in a particular area making your brand become more indispensable.

  • How could you improve your offerings to give you more of a competitive advantage?
  • How is your offering unique and valuable?

Many businesses are expanding their digital presence to meet the changing needs of their customers who are spending less in-store and more online. Your differentiators that define your in-person business will be different from that online.

Understanding the needs, challenges, and values of your customers will give you a better overview of how your product or service is meeting those needs, and if you are targeting the right people.

Brand Auditing

A brand audit is a great way to have a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and how your brand sits in the market. This creates opportunities to make improvements to get the most out of your brand and drive growth. A complete re-brand is not always required, there may be a couple of tweaks needed or even just reconnecting with the brand's purpose.

Are you a business owner who is wondering whether is worth re-branding?

A brand audit gives you a comprehensive understanding of where your brand stands today, so strategic decisions can be made moving forward into the future. With an audit, we can help you make the decision on the best plan of action for your business.

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