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A brand with a mission to simplify compliance, allowing companies to outsource their Anti-money laundering and financial crime compliance obligations. AML Ops is more than just a resource pool - they are the experts at AML and financial crime operations. We developed a strong brand identity that communicates professionalism, innovation, and Authenticity. With an understanding of the target market and competitors, we were able to align their messaging and identity to resonate with their customers.

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We hired Alt Studio to assist with defining and designing the brand identity of the new business. After working with Olivia we expanded the scope of work to include an overhaul of our existing business and additional design services such as our websites, our marketing collateral, and a series of templates and tools for use in both businesses going forward. We continue to refer to Alt Studio for all of our design needs and are very happy with the products. We have already had outstanding engagement on LinkedIn as a result of the brand and social media materials developed.

Alice - Co Founder